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In this shift() exclusive video, STRIVE LLP’s Head of Innovative Strategy Robin Sanchez explains exactly how STRIVE LLP’s approach to innovation differs from other top City law firms. In one sentence, STRIVE LLP is keenly aware of two strands of LegalTech: the evolutionary kind, and the revolutionary kind – and STRIVE LLP is uniquely positioned to advance both kinds, in different ways.

We are at a crossroads in the history of the legal industry, where we either embrace the immense potential that technology can represent, or allow technology to leave us lawyers in the dust. STRIVE LLP is proud to be at the bleeding edge of that revolution, especially in our approach to our key practice areas of Corporate M&A and Banking & Finance. The launch of our flagship digital subscription products StriveCorporate and StriveFinance won us the title of Most Innovative Law Firm at the Financial Herald Awards 2020. Robin Sanchez
Head of Innovative Strategy, STRIVE LLP
In 3 Words: How would STRIVE LLP describe its innovation strategy?

'Agile, Communicative, Results-Oriented'


STRIVE LLP is one of the most agile law firms in the city, with an open-plan London office and at least one 'work from home' day for all lawyers (including trainees) per week.


Our lawyers are always encouraged to speak openly to our in-house software developers to collaboratively develop cutting-edge tech tools such as 'STRIVEtoConvey' to speed up process-driven parts of the business through monthly Tech Roundtables.


At STRIVE LLP, it's not about shouting the loudest about tech, but about ensuring that the technology we do invest in, drives results for both the firm and its clients. For example, our in-house technology 'STRIVEtoConvey' helped us win the Most Innovative Law Firm Award 2021 for cutting our fees for conveyancing clients by an average of 36%.
Hear it from the trainees

Innovation as a keystone of quality training

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The most refreshing thing about training at STRIVE LLP is the firm’s policy of welcoming ideas from all levels through the ‘Raise Your Voice’ Roundtable every month, where ideas for innovation are raised and seriously considered (potentially even implemented). It truly doesn’t matter whether you are a senior partner or a 1st seat trainee! Alicia Pollock
3rd Seat Trainee, STRIVE LLP
Sounds like the firm for you?

🎯 STRIVE LLP's Graduate Opportunities

Training Contract 2023/24

STRIVE LLP offers a tech-specific stream for five of its trainees in each cohort - no prior tech experience required.

Winter Vacation Scheme

Learn about how STRIVE LLP integrates tech into its trainee experience through meeting the firm at its Winter Vac Scheme.

First Year Scheme

Meet STRIVE LLP right at the start of your career journey and be paired with a mentor to help you get to know the firm.