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The shift() insider's view

Pinsent Masons

We established Advanced Delivery Teams (ADTs) to accelerate the transformation of how traditional legal services are delivered across the firm and to develop and deliver innovative products and solutions to our clients.  The ADTs are made up of lawyers and technologists from a variety of specialist backgrounds which allows for the inter-weaving of specialist knowledge and understanding of what clients really need, with the expertise gained through years of working in legal tech. 

The ADTs coordinate centrally for the sharing of ideas and prioritising of initiatives, focusing in particular on ensuring that large scale strategic investments of time and other resources take the whole firm’s requirements into account. 

The ADT’s recent work includes:

  • We developed a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) “assistant” which automates our legal expertise into a self-service question-and-answer process that allows users to enter information and receive legal advice about how CBILS will affect their decisions.  It reduces the burden on in-house legal teams and allows relatively small teams to manage large volumes of CBILS loans with confidence. 
  • We designed and built a bespoke end-to-end due diligence and repapering system to execute a client’s LIBOR transition project. Data was automatically transferred between Pinsent Masons and the client and used to automatically generate due diligence reports and transition agreements.  
  • We recently rolled out an online transaction management platform across the firm.  The platform streamlines previously manually executed, time-consuming processes.  Documents are shared using a central platform, where parties can view real time updates, provide comments and sign-off, and ultimately execute their agreements.   
  • We have built a machine learning model to complete legal due diligence on provisions for which it has been trained.  We will deploy this capability across a range of client projects, cutting out manual review time for provisions addressed by the model. 

Trainees have the option to undertake a 6-month seat in an Advanced Delivery Team, where they will be exposed to the legal tech market and will be involved in processes to develop innovative solutions for clients and for internal teams. Trainees are able to take away the knowledge that they have acquired during their seat and apply it to the work they undertake during the rest of their training contract and beyond.   

Fundamentally, innovation is seen as part of everyone’s job, and at the core of our strategy – trainees do not need to complete an Advanced Delivery seat to be able to get involved in and be exposed to the firm’s innovation work.  Everyone at Pinsent Masons is welcome to submit innovative ideas no matter how big or small and all of these are reviewed against our innovation framework. 

Lawyers will need to be conversant with the many capabilities of legal tech – it is clear that the delivery of good client service requires more than just top quality, commercially focused legal advice.  Trainees and junior lawyers that work with legal tech at the start of their careers will be able to play a crucial role in delivering cutting edge legal services.  Driving efficiencies, delivering more value and finding smarter ways to work will be a key concern for all our clients, and legal technology is a key factor in these areas. 

Innovation is at the heart of Pinsent Mason’s strategy, as is diversity and inclusion. shift() seemed to offer the perfect combination of access to students who are passionate about legal tech whilst representing those from black-heritage and ethnic backgrounds. We look forward working closely with Tilly and her STRIVE colleagues; the students who sign up and our internal colleagues throught our three-year sponsorship of the programme, and beyond. We want to harness our colleagues expertise to deliver challening scenarios for the students to work through whilst offering commercial insight and professional support and development opportunities. Our hope is that close collaboration will result in some of the STRIVE participants joining Pinsent Masons as trainee lawyers, legal-tech specialists or perhaps something else that hasn’t even been thought about yet…..
Margaret Ann Roy, Graduate Recruitment Manager

In 3 Words: Pinsent Masons' Innovation Strategy

'Purpose-led, Collaboration and Pinoeering'

Hear it from the trainees

Experience cross-sectional innovation as a trainee


Everything we do as a firm relates back to our purpose which is to “champion change, promote progress and enable everyone, to make business work better for people”. A key part of our purpose-led strategy is to “innovate always”. We are orienting our business around a culture of continuous improvement to supercharge innovation at pace and scale. We are always exploring how innovation can help us deliver a better service, access new markets, and distinguish us in the market.


We have set up cross-disciplinary working groups which facilitate the exploration of ideas with clear processes for decision-making and allocation of resources. Innovative lawyers can call on the expertise of legal technologists, legal project managers, Lean Six Sigma experts and business analysts to deliver technology-backed solutions for our clients.


We are always horizon-scanning and looking for the best way to deliver our services. We develop proprietary technology as well as explore, pilot and onboard solutions from external suppliers. This technology is then utilised to deliver solutions for our clients, to improve internal working practices, and to win work where our fusion of legal expertise and technological knowhow is our unique selling point.

At Pinsent Masons, innovation is not just the task of the ADT team – it is strongly cross-sectional and integrated across the whole firm. This is why completing a 6-month seat in the ADT team as a trainee will inform the rest of your training contract and beyond, wherever you choose to qualify.

Innovation features heavily in my day-to-day role as a Trainee Solicitor within the ADT. During my seat, I have got involved in many of the firm’s innovative initiatives, including developing a new green energy-related due diligence product, creating a market leading innovation training programme for a major bank client, and rolling out a transaction management platform across the firm. I have thoroughly enjoyed having this level of variety in my work and it just goes to show the breadth of the innovative work that the firm is involved in.
Daniel Breerton
Trainee Solicitor

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Trainees at Pinsent Masons have the option to complete a 6-month seat in the Innovation & Legal Tech team, with the possibility of qualifying as an NQ into ILT.

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Learn about how Pinsent Masons integrates tech into its trainee experience through meeting the firm at its Vacation Scheme.