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The coolest (/hottest) LegalTech scale-ups around

🪄 Say hello to the movers and shakers

We make sure the shift() curriculum is relevant, up-to-date and practical through working with industry gold-standard LegalTech vendors. We’ve developed Module 3 of our 3-module curriculum to around how abstract technologies are applied to real-life use cases in the legal industry – together with the people who do it best.


BRYTER is an industry-leading process automation platform. Through its no-code, visual-driven interface, it enables lawyers with no prior tech experience or knowledge to automate complex logic with an incredible range of use cases.

We are delighted to partner with BRYTER on Module 3: Week 5 (Service Automation) of our curriculum. The BRYTER platform will also enable our hackers at shift(Hack) to create MVP demos with minimal coding knowledge.


Avvoka is a no-code document automation platform that can handle everything from short employment contracts to complex loan agreements. With an easy-to-use and intuitive visual logic builder, Avvoka eliminates the need for square brackets by allowing lawyers to build entire templates containing variable fields that can be edited within seconds.

We are delighted to partner with Avvoka on Module 3: Week 6 (Document Automation) of our curriculum.


Kira is a patented machine learning software that identifies, extracts, and analyses content in contracts and documents with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, allowing lawyers to easily find and use trusted information and glean actionable insights.

We are delighted to partner with Kira on Module 3: Week 7 (Artificial Intelligence/Due Diligence) of our curriculum.

Peerpoint by Allen & Overy

Peerpoint is the flexible resourcing arm of Allen & Overy, and is notable for being the first time a Magic Circle law firm has ventured into flexible resourcing. Peerpoint is now one of the most established players in the market, with 350+ legal consultants spanning jurisdictions across Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East.

We are delighted to partner with Peerpoint on Module 3: Week 8 (Flexible Resourcing) of our curriculum.

Come meet our friends!

👐 Community partners from the industry

Apart from LegalTech Vendors, STRIVE has also partnered up with two other inspiring charities to underscore our commitment to our mission of bringing more diversity in talent to the legal industry.

Society for Computers and Law (SCL)

According to SCL’s President Professor Richard Susskind OBE, SCL is a charity which “seeks to cultivate discussion and provide foundational and advanced training at the intersection of information technology and law”. Founded in 1973, SCL has long been at the forefront of playing the important role of educating the legal profession and general public through its website, magazine and events.