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shift() - lite

🎬 shift() at your own pace - virtual internship style.

shift(OnDemand) is our Virtual Internship experience. You will:

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ You can learn at your own pace – complete the 8 ‘weeks’ + test-your-knowledge quizzes and 4 tasks over a shorter timeframe (even a few days if you’re hardcore!) or over 8 weeks_
🏎️ Join the shift() community via our Reddit-style forum where you can ask us questions and meet like-minded future lawyers_
🀝 Receive a certificate at the end that contains your average score over your 8 quizzes_
πŸ’Œ Use your score to apply to our exclusive shift(Hack), our 48-hour, in-person hackathon in London, to meet graduate recruitment representatives_

To ensure that we are offering shift(OnDemand) to individuals who are genuinely interested, students must be STRIVE members and submit a short application form to demonstrate their motivation and interest.

shift(Bootcamp) vs shift(OnDemand): side-by-side comparison

(Live Programme option)
(Virtual Internship option)
Awesome ✌🏽 βœ… βœ…
Self-paced? ❌ βœ…
Selective? βœ… Semi-selective
Free of charge? βœ… βœ…
Mentorship? βœ… ❌
LTV software test-drives? βœ… ❌
Exclusive events with law firm sponsors? βœ… ❌
Automatic invite to shift(Hack)? βœ… ❌

At your own pace

shift(OnDemand) works around your busy schedule - upskill at your own pace.

shift(OnDemand) Community

Join a community of diverse, high-potential future lawyers on our Reddit-style forum.


Receive a certificate with your average score across weekly quizzes and use the score to apply to shift(Hack) and stand out from the rest.

shift(OnDemand) Roadmap: At A Glance

Ready to shift() at your own pace?

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