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Hello world. Fancy seeing you here!

πŸ‘€ Who are we looking for?

If you are:

  1. Curious about LegalTech: its current and future possibilities for lawyers;
  2. From a background that’s underrepresented in law: we are particularly interested in ‘invisible’ diversity, most notably social mobile candidates – see below
then the search is over. You are what we’ve been looking for!
For shift(Bootcamp), we are especially looking for individuals with:
  1. Determination: Mount Kilimanjaro level!

  2. Richard Branson’s Ambition

  3. Intellect beyond grades, e.g. entrepreneurship

You will also:

  1. Have attended a state school (or a private/public school on a substantive means-tested scholarship), and

  2. Tend to:

    1. Have ABB/320 UCAS points or above at A-Level or equivalent from any school (if you don’t have this but have extenuating or exceptional circumstances we’d love to have you too!)

    2. Have achieved/be on track for 2:1 or above at degree level from any university

    3. Be diverse in many different ways – including but certainly not limited to:

      • Socio-economic status (e.g. low income household, eligible for free school meals, be the first generation to go to university etc.)

      • Health (e.g. a long-standing disability that affects your daily life)

      • Gender & Ethnicity

The application process looks slightly different between shift(Bootcamp) and shift(OnDemand):

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ shift(Bootcamp)

The application process is rigorous. The applicant will first fill in an application form, which will be reviewed by our team. If successful, the applicant will be called to an interview that will last around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

This option is available only to graduates and university students.

πŸ“ΊΒ shift(OnDemand)

The process is semi-selective, meaning that only STRIVE members are eligible (registration is quick + free – please click here), and an application form must be filled in. If successful, you will be granted login details to our LMS platform where you can access all the video content.

This option is open to graduates, university and secondary school students.


We’re not looking for students with any prior knowledge of tech or even law. We’re simply looking for individuals who are willing to commit to their own success by taking ownership of their own development throughout the shift() programme.

What's in it for me?

πŸ’‘ What Can I Expect to Learn from shift()?

Students on both the shift(Bootcamp) and shift(OnDemand) streams will have access to the same video content.

We pride ourselves in the relatable and engaging way in which we present complex, abstract concepts that are key for anyone wishing to future-proof their career in the legal industry. These include frontend vs backend engineering, APIs + databases, design thinking and process/document automation, to name but a few.

Our 3-module curriculum spans 8 weeks of content (although if you are on the shift(OnDemand) stream you can choose to complete these 8 ‘weeks’ at your own pace). The shift() curriculum is specifically designed to require no prior knowledge, and brings you from the theoretical to the practical: Module 1 is all about shifting your mindset from ‘legal’ to ‘LegalTech’, Module 2 is about exposing you to live code and basic programming concepts such as data types (e.g. integers, booleans, operators etc) and logic (e.g. loops), and Module 3 is all about how these concepts are applied to real-life LegalTech use cases to create viable pieces of software that deliver tangible value to law firms.

Each of the 8 weeks is accompanied by a quiz to test your knowledge. As you learn, you will also be able to apply your knowledge to 4 tasks spread throughout the course, each sponsored and presented by one of our partner law firms.

Each week is presented by an expert in the field: from our individual advisors (who are renowned within the LegalTech industry for their groundbreaking contributions), to software engineer representatives from our LegalTech Vendor partners. Rest assured that you will be learning only from the best!

Help us help you upskill

🧐 What Do I Need to Put In?

Applying to join shift() is a commitment to yourself. The course is intensive and packed with information, so we expect that you will put in the hours, make notes, immerse yourself fully in the tasks and hold yourself accountable until the end.

We do, however, offer two different streams: shift(Bootcamp) and shift(OnDemand). These streams require different levels of commitment from you.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ shift(Bootcamp): our Live Programme option
This is the more hands-on, involved way to experience shift(). We select only the top candidates based on their past experiences, potential and interest, and offer many interactive elements to accompany the video content such as mentorship and exclusive events with law firms. This option is also ‘synchronous’, meaning everyone in the cohort takes the course at the same pace. Therefore, this option requires around 4 hours of commitment for 8 weeks and a full weekend in London afterwards.
πŸ“Ί shift(OnDemand): our Virtual Internship option

We know that not everybody has the time to commit to the shift(Bootcamp) option, which is why we also offer an alternative in the form of shift(OnDemand), a virtual internship that is ‘asynchronous’. This means you can complete in your time, at your own pace. This option is only semi-selective, and therefore does not carry Bootcamp-specific elements such as mentorship and meet-and-greets with law firms. This means that it is up to you to keep yourself accountable and finish the course!

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🀟 You’re in good company!

Join a community of students who share your curiosity about how LegalTech could make you a better future-facing lawyer.

shift() is such an exciting project and has allowed me to truly showcase my interest in LegalTech. The course is filled with incredible information, full of trendy topics that I can actually discuss in my interviews. It’s made it so much easier for me to justify my interest in LegalTech to Graduate Recruitment!
shift(Bootcamp) participant

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