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From Theory to Practice, Let Our 3-Module Curriculum Guide You Through the LegalTech Landscape.

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The minds behind shift()

A Curriculum Written By Industry Experts

Curated and developed over one year, the shift() curriculum was developed with the help of leading organisations and illustrious figures within the LegalTech industry, meticulously structured to funnel your understanding from theory into practice.

From Theory to Practice

Our 3-Module Curriculum

Weeks 1-2

Module 1

Mindset Shifts

While shift() is not about making programmers out of student lawyers, it is about encouraging students to draw parallels between how a good programmer and a good lawyer thinks. In the first two weeks, students will be introduced to key foundational concepts in the tech world in order to help them cut through the jargon effectively.

Weeks 3-4

Module 2

Introduction to Python + SQLite

Module 2 is the first time students will be exposed to technical content. For a softer landing, pseudocode will be used as natural language alternatives during Week 3 to ease students into the syntax of Python and SQLite in Week 4. The overall objective of Module 2 is to provide students with a foundation to go on to Module 3: Module 2 provides a general introduction to key concepts in programming, whereas Module 3 builds on this knowledge by demonstrating concrete use cases of these key concepts within the world of LegalTech.

Weeks 5-8

Module 3

Deep Dives into the LegalTech Matrix

Building on the somewhat abstract and generally-applicable programming concepts from Module 2, Module 3 aims to apply these concepts to real-life, concrete use cases. Each week within Module 3 will cover one specific use case, in collaboration with our LTV partners BRYTER, Avvoka, Kira and Peerpoint (part of Allen & Overy).

Each use case is presented within the practical context they could be applied to assist lawyers within the day-to-day operations of a commercial law firm.

shift() Curriculum: Week-by-Week Overview

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